Brand & Design

The UCSF Brand Portal provides guidelines for representing UCSF and templates for creating various media. Learn more about:

New: Download Recovery Templates for fliers, digital signage, email invites, face masks and more.


UCSF Websites is a one-stop shop for creating or managing websites at UCSF. Learn more about:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Communications 

The following resources are provided to help communications develop race-related communications, and ensure communications are inclusive and racially and culturally sensitive.


Editorial & News

Below are some resources for creating news content, pitching news to media, and staying plugged in to UCSF news:


To keep mass email effective, it has to be targeted – meaning, professionally relevant to the majority of recipients. Go to our Email Resources page to learn more about:

Events & Meetings

Producing an on-campus event, or need to host a meeting? Here are some key resources:



Placing flyers and posters around campus can be an effective way to reach the internal audience, especially if crafted with your target audience in mind. Go to our Posters & Digital Signage page to learn more about:

  • Easy templates for posters and digital signs
  • Where signage opportunities are located at UCSF
  • How to submit signs to be posted

Trainings & Tutorials

New to UCSF, or looking to onboard a communicator? The UCSF Brand Training module at UC Learning Center provides a 20-minute overview of everything you need to know to get started.

Other resources:



The Communicators Network has compiled a list of designers, editors, photographers, videographers, writers and other communications professionals that have worked with UCSF. Those listed are not officially endorsed by UCSF; references are listed in the document.