Welcome to UCSF Smart Mail!

Managing electronic communications at UCSF can be overwhelming, whether you are trying to distribute your information or triage the influx.

Smart Mail is a campus-wide initiative to improve electronic communications by:

Smart Mail is our first step towards “Precision Communications.” Our current focus is on bringing together leading campus communicators in working groups, piloting tools to target specific audiences and educating senders on best practices.

Smart Mail Survey

In fall 2015, we conducted a Smart Mail survey for faculty and staff to assess the effectiveness and challenges of internal email communications.

Survey Results

Resources for Senders

Resources for Recipients

Smart Mail is led by the EVCP Office, CTSI and the SOM Communications Office and governed by a committee that includes stakeholders across the campus. We welcome your ideas and feedback!

Resources for Senders

As the messenger, you want to ensure that your message is carefully crafted, delivered and read by your target audience. Ask:

If you are a sender, please read the following materials:

  1. Sending Mass Email at UCSF
  2. General Email Best Practices
  3. Email Charter

Draft Policy

To curb excessive and non-targeted use of mass email, the Smart Mail committee has drafted a policy that is currently under review. If you are interested in reviewing the policy and providing feedback, please contact us.

Alternative Ways to Promote Your News and Events

  1. Include information in a UCSF e-newsletter
  2. Send via Pulse (UCSF internal news webpage & e-newsletter)
  3. Promote via UCSF websites
  4. Promote via UCSF Social Media
    • Share your news and events on your own organizational UCSF social media (eg, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).
      • If appropriate, you may also reach out to those who manage a broader UCSF social media group.
  5. Use digital signage (contact Campus Life Services)

Resources for Recipients

Email Management Resources

To Stay on Top of UCSF News and Event Information

Contact information: We welcome your ideas and feedback and are looking for more UCSF volunteers to contribute to Smart Mail.