The UCSF Communicators Network is made up of a diverse group of people from across UCSF and beyond.

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Name Affiliation Title Region
Accardi, Lisa Gladstone Institutes Communications & Events Mgr.    
Agnew, Vicky Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Dir of Integrated Mktg & Comm   1450 Third St  
Ahearn, Morgen Anesthesia & Perioperative Care ADMIN OFCR 3   Parnassus  
Aliferis, Katie Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Sr. Regulatory Aff. Specialist   1600 Divisadero  
Aloise, Sean Campus Life Services Operations Coodinator   525 UCSF Lane  
Amin, Kemi Library Communication Manager   Parnassus  
Amlie, Kristin Environment Health & Safety Senior Ergonomist   1700 4th St  
Anderson, Patricia Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health APC Initiative Director   1330 Broadway St  
Anfinson, Adele Student Health and Counseling Services Director,Student Health Srvs.   Parnassus  
Bandarrae, Arleen Campus Life Services Project Manager   1855 Folsom Street  
Banie, Lia Urology SRA 4   Parnassus  
Barg, Richard Surgery Director of Web Development   Parnassus  
Belden, Justine Chancellor's Office Executive Analyst   Mission Hall  
Belger, Stephanie SOM Communications Director   Parnassus  
Bell, Lydia Family & Community Medicine Program Coordinator   550 16th. Street  
Bernal, Joey Proctor Foundation Program Manager, MOCAP   Laurel Heights  
Berrean, Beth SOM Information Services Unit Deputy Dir. Design & Discovery   654 Minnesota St  
Blackshear, Jake Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department Manager   1001 Potrero Ave  
Blizzard, Noleine Academic Affairs Exec.Asst to Dr.Wendell. Lim.   Mission Hall  
Bloom, Nicole Osher Center for Integrative Medicine Coordinating Center Director   1545 Divisadero Street  
Bole, Kristen University Relations Dir., Clinical Communications   Laurel Heights  
Brent, Karen Academy of Medical Educators Communications Analyst   Parnassus  
Bridge, Mark Library Director Clinical/Research IS   550 16th. Street  
Broderick, Irene Ethics and Compliance Proj Assoc/Exec Asst AVC   Laurel Heights  
Buenaventura, Nancy Psychiatry Executive Projects Analyst   Parnassus  
Bunlert, Hilary Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences Division Analyst   1001 Potrero Ave, SFGH 5  
Burke, Christian SOM Technology Enhanced Education Director, Tech Innovation   Parnassus  
Cabahug, Lisa Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences Sr Mgr: Admin+Strategic Ops   1700 4th St  
Cambier, Danielle Campus Life Services Project Manager, CLS   654 Minnesota St  
Camp Heywood, Ellen Medical Center - Marketing Art Director   8000 Marina Blvd, Ste 701-800  
Campbell, Jacqwi University Relations, Digital Communications Multimedia Producer    
Cantor, Rebecca AIDS Research Institute ARI Program Director   550 16th. Street  
Carlaccini, Elise Development and Alumni Relations External Relations Project Mgr   220 Montgomery St  
Carmona, Mario Documents & Media Business Development Manager   1855 Folsom Street, MCB  
Carpenter, Alan Diversity and Outreach Application Developer   Other  
Castillo, Stephanie Department of Surgery Project Analyst   Parnassus  
Chan, Tiffani Diversity and Outreach Manager-Communications & Edu   Laurel Heights  
Chen, Ed Medicine DEVELOPMENT MANAGER   Laurel Heights  
Chen, Helen Documents & Media APPLICATIONS PROGR 2   1855 Folsom Street  
Cheng, Cindy Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Conference Manager   Laurel Heights  
Chrisman, Maye Medicine Vice Dean-Finance & Admin, SOM   Parnassus  
Chu, Louise University Relations Exec Dir,Digital Communication   Laurel Heights  
Chu, Pamela SOM Dean's Office Mgmt Unit Academic Recruitment Coord   Parnassus  
Cicoletti, Christina SOM Medical Education Executive Director, ACE   Parnassus  
Cisneros, Lisa University Relations Sr Director,Strategic Communic   Laurel Heights  
Cleaver, Alison Academic Senate Associate Director   Parnassus  
Colorado-Caldwell, Suya Chancellor’s Office—Committees and Special Projects COMM SPEC 4   Parnassus  
Corr, Sarah Neurology Senior Communications Analyst   Parnassus  
Cox, Veronica Benioff Children’s Hospital & Women’s Services ANL 6 MSP   6425 Christie Ave  
Cox, Rachel Global Health Sciences Program Analyst   550 16th. Street  
Criger, Tiffany Cell & Tissue Biology Faculty Assistant   Parnassus  
Cuevas, Jeannine Student Academic Affairs & the Graduate Divison Director of Communications   1675 Owens Street  
D'Aura, Connie Neurology ADMIN OFCR 3   Parnassus  
Daily, Geoff Global Health Sciences Programmer Analyst   550 16th. Street  
DasGupta, Lael Biochemistry & Biophysics Project Policy Analyst   654 Minnesota St  
Davila, Eric SOP Dean's Office Digital Communications Dir   Laurel Heights  
De Leon, Claire Preterm Birth Initiative Comm Mgmt Director-PTBI-CA    
Deiner, Mike Ophthalmology Analyst V   10 Koret Way  
Denton, Matt Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Programmer/Analyst IV   Parnassus  
Deperalta, Brenda Chancellor's Office Administrative Director   Parnassus  
Derish, Pamela Surgery WRITER EDITOR 3   2200 Post Street  
Destri, Mary Osher Center for Integrative Medicine Analyst II   1545 Divisadero Street  
Dias, Lyandra Office of Sustainability Analyst II   654 Minnesota Street  
Diaz-Flores, Ernesto Pediatrics Assistant Adjunct Professor   1450 3rd Street  
Dolan, Brian Anthropology, History and Social Medicine Professor   Laurel Heights  
Dow, Krista University Development and Alumni Relations Asst.Dir. Annual Giving   220 Montgomery St  
Draper, Abby Academic Affairs Faculty Mentoring Program Coor   Parnassus  
Duncan, Lynn Institute for Human Genetics Analyst   Parnassus  
Dunne, Clair Epidemiology & Biostatistics Analyst 4   550 16th. Street  
Eisenmann, Kevin University Relations Director, Audience Strategy   Laurel Heights  
Epperson, Matt Educational Technology Services Assistant Director   Parnassus  
Estalilla, Ailene UCSF Police Department Executive Assistant   654 Minnesota St  
Eversole, Jillian Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health Analyst II   Laurel Heights  
Fahrion, Colin Pediatrics PROGRAMMER/ANALYST III   550 16th. Street  
Farm, Frank SOP Dean's Office Senior Front-end Developer   Laurel Heights  
Farrell, Traci Human Resources Communications Lead   654 Minnesota St  
Feely, Audrey Development and Alumni Relations Design Director   Downtown  
Fernandez, Elizabeth University Relations Sr. Public Information Rep   Laurel Heights  
Fields, Jessica Center for Vulnerable Populations Research Data Analyst II   2789 25th St  
Fleisher, Paula Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Navigator   1001 Potrero Ave  
Fleming, Karin SOM Medical Education Communications Manager   Parnassus  
Forstat, Sue HR Specialty Center Health Care Facilitator   Laurel Heights  
Fredson, Marc SOD Dean’s Office Director, Strategic Marketing   6425 Christie Ave  
Freeman, Sharon SOM Graduate Medical Education Analyst II   Parnassus  
French, Barbara University Relations VC-StrategicComctns/UnivRltns   Laurel Heights  
Friciello, Maria Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences UCSF-Stanford CERSI Prog Dir   600 16th St  
Gadwood, Greg SOM Technology Enhanced Education Instructional Designer   Parnassus  
Gaiser, Gina Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Instructional Designer 3   550 16th. Street  
Galvan, Keila Population Health and Accountable Care ADMIN OFCR 3   3360 Geary Blvd  
Garner, Ilona Neurological Surgery Communications Director   Parnassus  
Gehrman, Karen Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Assoc Dir of Communications   China Basin  
Ghertner, Peggy Global Health Sciences Operations and Facilities Mgr   550 16th. Street  
Godstone, Susan Development & Alumni Relations Asst Dir Marketing,Gift Plan   220 Montgomery St  
Goel, Rani Campus Life Services Multimedia Specialist   Parnassus  
Goldberg, Rachel Physiological Nursing Clinical Research Coordinator   2 Koret Way  
Goodbody, Karla Academic Senate Senior Senate Analyst   Parnassus  
Gourdin, Tula Anesthesia & Perioperative Care WRITER EDITOR 3   Parnassus  
Grady, David Clinical & Translational Science Institute / UC BRAID Program Coordinator, UC BRAID   550 16th. Street  
Greer, Tim SOM SFGH Associate Dean's Office Network Manager   1001 Potrero Ave  
Grieshammer, Uta Institute for Computational Health Sciences Program Director   Mission Hall  
Grigg, Phoebe Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology Administrative Assistant   Mission Hall  
Hanlon, Julie University Relations Asst.Director, Brand Marketing   Laurel Heights  
Hansen, Nada University Relations Exec Dir,Brand Communications   Laurel Heights  
Hardcastle, Wilson Academic Senate Acad Data/Home Loan Coord   Laurel Heights  
Hari, Kishore Science and Health Education Partnership Academic Coordinator II   100 Medical Center Way  
Harris, Debra Pharmaceutical Chemistry ExecDir-OpBudget/Rchrg/ResMnt   654 Minnesota St  
Harris, Eve Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences AMBUL CARE ADMSTN CRD 3   550 16th. Street  
Hayes, Erin Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Internal Communications Mngr   Parnassus  
Heil, Jason UCSF Police Department Crime Analyst/Prevention Offic   1855 Folsom Street  
Hellevig, Bonnie Office of Medical Education Director, Data & Analytics   Parnassus  
Hennessy, Kathleen UCSF Strategic Communications and University Relations Art Director/Photography Mgr   Laurel Heights  
Hodgkiss, Olivia Medical Center - Administration ADMIN OFCR 3    
Hoffer, Naomi Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center HEALTH EDUCATOR 3   1600 Divisadero  
Hood, Robert Campus Life Services Communications Specialist   1855 Folsom Street  
Hunter-Davis, Terri SOD Dean's Office Communications Manager   Parnassus  
Hutchinson, Kirsten Concierge Services PROJECT POLICY ANL 3   1500 Owens St.  
Huynh, Jane Campus Life Services Communications Manager   Parnassus  
Isaac, Josh Information Technology Programmer Analyst III   1855 Folsom Street, MCB  
Ishkanian, Laura Campus Life Services Wellness Wellness Program Manager   1675 Owens St  
Jah, H. Amabintu UCSF Police Department Mass Notification Coordinator   654 Minnesota St  
Johnson, Myleka SOM ZSFG Associate Dean's Office Analyst 1   1001 Potrero Ave  
Johnston, Roy Family & Community Medicine Student Programs Manager   Parnassus  
Joost, Sarah Urology Analyst 3   550 16th. Street  
Joswig, Dresden University Development and Alumni Relations Digital Content Strategist   220 Montgomery St  
Joyce, Paula SOP, Dean's Office Digital Content Manager   Laurel Heights  
Juarez, Carlo Center for Vulnerable Populations Program Support Analyst   2789 25th St  
Kapur, Gitanjali Graduate Medical Education Didactic Education Manager   Parnassus  
Katsuura, Rachel Development and Alumni Relations Director, Alumni Annual Giving   220 Montgomery, 5th Flr  
Kavanagh, Anne Development and Alumni Relations Dir, Communication & Marketing   220 Montgomery St  
Kavanagh, Niall HIV, Infectious Diseases & Global Medicine Communications Analyst   1001 Potrero Ave  
Kawahara, Suzanne Medicine Project Manager   Laurel Heights  
Kealy, John OAAIS Mgr-Customer Communications   Mission Center  
Kenaani, Mounira Dermatology Director-Finance and Admin   1701 Divisadero  
Keszler, Elissa Medicine DIRECTOR - ADMINISTRATIVE SERV   Laurel Heights  
Kirrane, Suzie Campus Life Services Family Services Manager   1675 Owens St  
Kiser, Gretchen Research Development Office Director   Mission Hall  
Kleiman, Ari Library - Patient Health Patient Health Librarian   1600 Divisadero Street  
Kleinberg, Leslie Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost Administrative Specialist   Parnassus  
Koch, Stephanie University Development and Alumni Relations Senior Graphic Designer   220 Montgomery St  
Krebs, Katherine Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences Communications Analyst   1700 4th St  
Kurovsky, Richard Office of the Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer Director, Finance Comm   654 Minnesota St  
Labeko, Sophia University Relations Administrative Coordinator   Laurel Heights  
Lambert, Mary Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences Management Services Officer   1500 Owens St.  
Lancy, Jenica Neurology ANALYST I   Box: 0348  
Land, Kathleen Academy of Medical Educators Program Manager   Parnassus  
Laslavic, Ken Academic Senate Senior Senate Analyst   Parnassus  
LaTour, Nooshin Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Sr Comm/Marketing Manager   550 16th. Street  
Lau, Karen Emergency Medicine Executive Assistant   Parnassus  
Lau, Melissa Neurological Surgery Digital Communications Speclst   Parnassus  
Lee, Gail Capital Programs and Facilities Management Sustainability Director   654 Minnesota St  
Lee, Minerva Global Health Sciences Program Assistant   550 16th. Street  
Leiva, Lisa Medicine - Geriatrics Learning Tech Specialist   Parnassus  
Leiva, Christian Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Programs Coordinator   550 16th. Street  
Leonard, Lacey UCSF Fresno, Undergraduate Medical Education Student Life Devlopment Spec   155 N Fresno St  
Levings, Susan SOP Dean's Office Associate Dean   Laurel Heights  
Li, Clifton Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Progr Anl 2   Parnassus  
Li, Katherine Medicine Assistant Division Manager   Parnassus  
Libatique, Lena Institute for Health Policy Studies PROJECT POLICY ANL 2   Laurel Heights  
Liu, Wylie University Community Partnerships Director   550 16th. Street  
Lorenzo, Gil Campus Life Services Project Manager   1675 Owens St  
Lumsdaine, Silver Center for Vulnerable Populations Writer Editor    
Lyon, Jennifer Development and Alumni Relations Director, Annual Giving   220 Montgomery, 5th Flr  
Mace, Melanie Human Research Protection Program Education Coordinator   Laurel Heights  
Maier, Scott University Relations Senior Public Information Rep   Laurel Heights  
Mandel, Nicole Center for HIV Information Deputy Director   1700 Owens Street  
Mangosing, Daryl Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) Research Comm Specialist   550 16th. Street  
Manning, Cyril University Development and Alumni Relations Sr. Dir. Advancement Comm   220 Montgomery St  
Mansfield, Robert Global Health Sciences ADMIN OFCR 3   Mission Hall  
Mantel, Christina Psychiatry Executive Analyst   4150 Clement Street  
Mapa, Monica Campus Life Services Mgr, Mkting and Strategic Comm   1855 Folsom Street  
Marinello, Angelina Office of the Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer Comm/Operations Analyst   654 Minnesota St  
Marrus, Stephanie Office of Innovation, Technology & Alliances -- Center for BioEntrepreneurship Director,Entrepreneurship Ctr   555 Mission Bay Blvd South  
Martinez, Gina Psychiatry Administrative Analyst   Parnassus  
Mathes, Dana University Development and Alumni Relations Direct Marketing Writer/Editor   220 Montgomery St  
McCann, Leah Medicine - Hematology/Oncology Operations Manager   600 16th St  
McClelland, Sean Library Lead Learning Tech Specialist   Parnassus  
McDevitt, Megan Gladstone Institutes    
Meagher, Patricia University Development and Alumni Relations Communications Specialist   220 Montgomery St  
meng, Elaine Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist   Mission Hall  
Merrell, Susan University Relations Photographer   Laurel Heights  
Merry, Irene Campus Council on Faculty Life CCFL Program Coordinator   Laurel Heights  
Michael, George Academic Senate Personal Services Contractor    
Micua, Edgar Department of Medicine- Research Administration Administrative Coordinator   Laurel Heights  
Milionis, Cynthia SOM Information Services Unit Graphic Designer   654 Minnesota St  
Millet, Maggie Anatomy Director (Functional Area)   Parnassus  
Mirsky, Zina SON Dean's Office Assoc Dean - Retired   2 Koret Way  
Moeller, Teresa Global Health Sciences PROJECT POLICY ANL 3   550 16th. Street  
Moore, Justin Department of Medicine Staff & Faculty Exp. Spclst   Parnassus  
Morrison, Cristina SOM Dean's Office Mgr, Change Mgmt & Facilities   Parnassus  
Mossman, Kaspar QB3 Communications Director   1700 4th St  
Murphy, Katie Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Event & Communications Manager   Parnassus  
Mutnick, Nancy Radiology & Biomedical Imaging - CME Conference Manager   Laurel Heights  
Myers, Jill IT Communications IT Communications Process Mgr   1855 Folsom Street  
Nakano, Brad Radiology and Biomedical Imaging/Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (OHNS) Communication& Website Analyst   Laurel Heights  
Narvaez, Ana Pathology Assistant to Chairman   Parnassus  
Nason, Patricia Telehealth Training Administra   Parnassus  
Nemenzo, Nannette UCSF Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Admin Executive Coordinator   550 16th. Street  
Nepveu, Veronica Student Academic Affairs & the Graduate Divison Executive Assistant   Parnassus  
Nguyen, Khang Microbiology and Immunology Systems Admin Supervisor   35 Medical Center Way  
Nichols, Heather SOM Graduate Medical Education Project Manager   Parnassus  
Nigorizawa, Holly International Students & Scholars Office Director of CAIPS   1675 Owens Street  
Nikaido, Brandy UCSF Fresno    
Noorani, Kelly SOM Fresno Associate Dean's Office Facilities Director   155 N Fresno St  
O'Connor, Megan SOM Technology Enhanced Education Instructional Designer   Parnassus  
O'Donnell, Terry Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Program Analyst   550 16th. Street  
Oba, Ilene Medicine, Pulmonary Executive Assistant   Parnassus  
Olson, Laura Library - Mount Zion Medical Library Librarian   1600 Divisadero Street  
Omata, Christine University Relations Asst.Dir.,Brand Communications   Laurel Heights  
Orozco-Fuentes, Aura Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences Office Manager   (Database place holder)  
Paris, Sarah SOM Communications Director of Communications   Parnassus  
Patel, Vaishali SOM Medical Education Program Coordinator   Laurel Heights  
Pearson, Laurae Medicine, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Director of Administration   1001 Potrero Ave  
Penny, Marlene Development and Alumni Relations Dir. Annual & Special Giving   220 Montgomery St  
Persily, Gail Dir, Edu & Tech Initiatives   Parnassus  
Piontkowski, Cynthia Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Computing Resource Mgr. 1   550 16th. Street  
Prioleau, Caroline Memory & Aging Center Information/Multimedia Prod.   Mission Bay  
Prugh, Jonathan SOM Information Services Unit Programmer Analyst   654 Minnesota St  
Quimpo, Sheila AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource Operations Analyst   Parnassus  
Ramirez, Patricia SOM Medical Education Course Coordinator   Parnassus  
Rodriguez-Piscitello, Raquel UCSF Center for Faculty Educators Dir.Cntr for Faculty Educators   Parnassus  
Romero, Dylan Learning Technologies Makers Lab Manager   Parnassus  
Rosko, Jennifer Student Activity Center Dir, Student Involv & Programs   Parnassus  
Rotman, Erik Student Academic Affairs & the Graduate Divison Communications Coordinator   1675 Owens St  
Rouse Iñiguez, James Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Navigator   Parnassus  
Roznovsky, Nicholas Psychiatry Communications Officer   Parnassus  
Ruddick, Victoria SOM Medical Education Faculty Development Manager   Parnassus  
Rush-Monroe, Karin UCSF Health COMM SPEC 5    
Ryan, Hanh Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Instructional Multimedia Mgr   Parnassus  
Sanchez, Marco Campus Life Services ARTIST   1855 Folsom Street, MCB  
Schnoes, Alexandra GSICE Program, SOM Dean's Office Academic Coordinator II   600 16th St  
Shaff, Christine Real Estate, Planning, Capital Programs & Sustainability Communications Manager   654 Minnesota St  
Shuster, Karen Institute for Human Genetics Web Designer/Developer   Parnassus  
Sill, Kathyrn Academic Senate Communication Coordinator   Parnassus  
Simon, Erin Orthopaedic Surgery Manager, Conference Services   1001 Potrero Ave  
Skurko, Laurel Marketing Director, UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Marketing Director   Laurel Heights  
Smith, Megan Development and Alumni Relations Sr. Dir. Annual/Special Giving   220 Montgomery St  
Smith, Kelly SOM Medical Education Admin. Dir, Office of Med Ed   Parnassus  
Snyder, Brad Medical Center - Marketing Managing Editor Marketing Comm   6425 Christie Ave  
Sorensen, MA, Page Research Development Office Research Development Specialis   600 16th St  
Sparks, Reggie Campus Life Services Multi Media Supervisor   555 Westwood Plaze, UCLA  
Stover Fiscalini, Allison Breast Care Center Clinical Research Coordinator   3450 California Street  
Sullivan, Jay Institute for Health Policy Studies PRODUCER DIR SR   Laurel Heights  
Summers, Debra Center for HIV Information Project Manager   1700 Owens St  
Sutkaitis, Angela Osher Center for Integrative Medicine Director of Finance & Admin   1545 Divisadero  
Svendsen, Kerstin Global Health Sciences Graphic Designer   550 16th. Street  
Taniguchi, Alan Radiation Oncology DEPARTMENT OPERATIONS MANAGER   1600 Divisadero, Cancer Cntr  
Tebo, Yeshemebet Medical Center - Critical Care Registered Nurse   1001 Potrero Ave  
Telli, Melissa Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Dir of Marketing & Strtgic Rel   Parnassus  
Tenggara, Imelda Urology Director of Research Resource   550 16th. Street  
Thew, Beth Institute for Health Policy Studies project analyst   Laurel Heights  
Thompson, Kirsten Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Reproductive Sciences Project Director   1001 Potrero Ave  
Tortorelli, Verndean Campus Life Services Sr Artist   2356 Sutter  
Tran, Lisa Department of Medicine DOM Communications Specialist   Parnassus  
Trojnar, Matt DO Medical Education Inquiry Curriculum Manager   1855 Folsom Street  
Turbyfill, Robert Student Information Systems Systems Admistrator IV   Parnassus  
Turner, Wendy Institute for Nursing Excellence (INEx) Communications Manager   Laurel Heights  
Tzoore, Sierra Medical Center - Web Services ANALYST III   2300 Harrison Street  
Van Auker, Kyle Educational Technology Services Video Producer-Director   Parnassus  
Walker, Malinda Laboratory Medicine Program Manager   2340 Sutter Street  
Walker-Mao, Chelsea Osher Center for Integrative Medicine Administrative Manager   1545 Divisadero Street  
Wat, Winnie Medical Center - APEX PROGRAMMER/ANALYST IV   1855 Folsom St.  
Watanabe, Nora Controller's Office Program Manager III   1855 Folsom Street, MCB  
Weber, Peter School of Nursing Project Coordinator   2 Koret Way  
Weir, Stacey Benioff Children’s Hospital - Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Hospital Unit Service Coord   MISSION BAY  
Wieland, Erik IT - Enterprise Systems Application Manager   Mission Center  
Willard, Rachel Family & Community Medicine Adjunct Assistant Professor   1001 Potrero Ave  
Wise, Melaine Global Health Sciences (East Africa Preterm Birth Initiative) PTBi Communications Director   550 16th. Street  
Wolf, Anne Global Health Sciences/ Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics Communications Manager   550 16th. Street  
Wolfson, Rebecca Center for Health Professions Marketing Communications Mgr   Laurel Heights  
Wong, Liane Campus Life Services General Manager   1675 Owens St  
Woo, Eunice SOM SFGH Associate Dean's Office Bus Tchl Supervisor 2   1001 Potrero Ave  
Yun, Rodney SOP Dean's Office Education Systems Analyst   Parnassus  
Zielinski, Jeanne UCSF Medical Center COMM SUPV 2   6425 Christie Ave