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The UCSF Communicators Network is a forum for staff and faculty involved in communications to share knowledge and resources, develop and distribute best practices, and coordinate internal communications.

The term "communicator" is loosely defined as (one of) the person(s) within each department or unit that may be responsible for communications in some or all forms. Some members are full-time communication managers, editors, and/or webmasters; others, especially in smaller units, are charged with just some communication tasks in addition to other responsibilities. The network has currently over 210 members.

This website will serve and expand as a repository for resources and information, along with the Communicators Chatter Group, which enables members to share news, questions and answers. If you are not already on Chatter, here are some quick instructions on how to join.

Please contribute to the network with your ideas and best practices, and by highlighting issues and information relevant to communications at UCSF.