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Campus shuttles

Open bulletin boards

Mission Bay
Laurel Heights

Easels in Building Lobbies and Entranceways

Outside Banners

Millberry Union: Contact: Alex Lai (415-476-9876,

Digital Signage

Digital signage at over 58 locations

See Digital Signage.

Other digital signage locations

Web and E-newsletter announcements

FIRST add your event to the UCSF campus calendar

UCSF Announcements E-Newsletter

UCSF Announcements, a brief compilation of upcoming events, is sent monthly to all UCSF academic faculty and all non-Medical Center UCSF staff.

UCSF University Relations Pulse E-Newsletter

See What is Pulse of UCSF?

UCSF School of Medicine News Links E-Newsletter

Visit the UCSF Smart Mail website for a list of e-newsletter contacts and email best practices and tips.

Student Success website

The Student Weekly Email is produced by Student Academic Affairs. It's sent to all students every Thursday afternoon and contains a compilation of events and announcements relevant to all students. To submit content, please email e-newsletter is linked to the Student Success website (which has replaced the Student Inside Guide).

Other UCSF Schools

For other web coverage suggestions

Fill out the Public Affairs feedback form (415-476-2557,

Social Media Platforms


Twitter is a social media platform that delivers 140-character messages via SMS and web. Public tweets are instantly indexed and made available through special search engines, making this one of the fastest ways to get messages across. More details: Twitter on Wikipedia, Twitter official site. Related: Frank Farm’s list of UCSF Twitter streams, a SOM list of UCSF Twitter streams.


If you have snail mail mailing addresses for recipients (either UCSF-internal or USPS-external), you can create printed postcards or letters. Design your own, contact Campus Life Services Design Services or Public Affairs, or have the work created outside of UCSF—for recommendations see the Communicators Network vendor database, which requires Communicators Network membership and MyAccess credentials.