How to Participate: A Short Guide

The UCSF Communicators Network is conceived as a democratic, decentralized peer support group. In other words, it "runs itself" (with a little help from a nominal facilitator, an ad-hoc steering committee, and several members who shepherd specific areas, such as the website and chatter.)

Here's how you participate:

  1. Communicators Chatter Group

    If you have a technical or general communications issue and would like perspectives and input from a variety of colleagues, our Chatter Group is the right forum. Similarly, if you discovered a solution that might be helpful to others, please post it, so they in turn can benefit from your knowledge.

    Please be mindful when posting about events and other promotional items and only post items that will be of wide interest across the campus.

    If you are not already on Chatter, here are some quick instructions on how to join.

  2. Short-term Workgroups

    If you have a more complex issue, consider recruiting one or a couple of colleagues who have similar challenges, or announce your issue to the Chatter Group to see who might be interested, and create a short-term workgroup that can discuss the problem, do some research and maybe develop some best practices or guidelines.

    Then post your findings to the group, or, if it's a more complex issue, organize a presentation to show and discuss your findings.

  3. Presentations

    Anyone is invited to give or to organize a presentation to the whole group. Typically, one or more persons will present, and one person (not necessarily a presenter) will take the lead on the logistics (scheduling the speakers, booking a room, etc.). If you are eager to see a communications topic addressed by one or a panel of experts, but don't know who has the expertise, feel free to post a query to the Chatter Group asking others with a similar interest for help.

    If you need help with organizing a presentation, please see How to Organize a Presentation to the Communicators Group.

  4. Networking Meetings

    Based on popular demand, we hold informal networking meetings on a rotating basis at various campuses and times. These meetings are posted on the Communicators web site and to the Chatter Group. No need to rsvp, just show up. Feel free to propose a discussion topic of particular interest. Bringing flyers, interesting articles or guests is encouraged.


    Our website continues to evolve. We'll be adding more resources, and we'll be reorganizing the list to make it easier to find what you need. The member list is searchable by Name, Affiliation, Title or Location. The information is pulled from the Directory. If yours is not accurate, you need to contact the Payroll/Personnel Analyst for your UCSF campus department so they can change it at the source.

    For more information, see GIA Presentation — Peer Support for Peanuts: The UCSF Communicators Network.